At La Fora we believe in community driven, sustainable travel

La Fora Ecolodge is a sustainability-driven, ecologically-minded hotel on the island of Fogo, Cape Verde.  With panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, neighboring Brava Island, and Fogo’s iconic Caldera, La Fora Ecolodge brings you natural beauty, tranquility and relaxation.  With our focus on sustainability, you can rest easy knowing you have minimized your ecological footprint.


Support Fogo Schools

Schools in Cape Verde are free to all students up to Grade 10, but students are often unable to afford the required uniforms and school supplies.  As part of our commitment to our community, we at La Fora want to help lower this barrier to education.  All guests are invited to add 500 escudos (~$5.00) to their bill in order to support local students with school uniforms and other needed supplies.  In our first year we were able to support 41 students, as well as supply a local secondary school with a Covid-19 isolation room, including face shields and digital thermometers.


Rural Travel

One of the best ways to learn about a place and culture is to experience its countryside.  La Fora’s setting allows travelers to explore rural Fogo, and we encourage all our guests to take advantage of the beautiful community walks along winding, cobblestone roads in the country surrounding La Fora.

Fresh, Local Food Everyday

Local Food

We believe that the best food is fresh and local, and our menu is built around local food and resources.  We invite you to enjoy Cape Verdean cuisine with a twist at the La Fora Restaurant, as well as offerings from our travels around the world.  We source our food locally: all our meat and produce is either from local growers in Cerrado, from the La Fora Gardens, or from the Sao Filipe Central Mercado.  We know our growers and sellers; they are a part of our community, and we believe that the best food is sustainably grown right next door.

Part of the community

Friends & Neighbors

All members of La Fora Ecolodge staff are our friends and neighbors, each one living no more than a 10 minute walk from the lodge.  We are a part of the community, and we believe that the economic benefits of tourism should flow to our community.  We also believe in the importance of professional development opportunities for staff; to this end we offer on-the-job training, including English language and hospitality management.